SHEQ Policy Statement

Moolmans is one of the world’s leaders in contract mining, providing a full mining service for both open cut and underground mining operations. Moolmans has specialised in-house project management, engineering, design, shaft sinking, civils, and drill & blast expertise, coupled with extensive mining experience among the various commodities. In addition, Moolmans has specialised in-house maintenance capabilities and training programmes. The company is experienced in operating in remote and challenging locations which, together with extensive resources, always ensures delivery of a world-class mining service.

Moolmans has adopted an integrated approach to the management of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality and our management philosophy is based on building our commitment to SHEQ around the following four pillars of sustainability:

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management together with continual SHEQ improvement is a vital part of day-to-day operations, ensuring that all employees work under safe conditions; that the operating activities are safe and all the important aspects impacting our responsibility to deliver quality services are controlled, as well as the external environment.

  • While we hold our leaders accountable for the safety of our people and expect our managers and supervisors to provide effective leadership in safety, we equally expect all individuals to be responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others.
  • As far as reasonably practicable and in accordance with applicable legislation, we commit to the development, implementation and maintenance of safety, health, environment and quality management systems to comply with legislation and to adopt best practice SHEQ methodologies to minimise incidents, damage and loss.
  • We provide a framework for a risk-based approach to SHEQ management that aids the business in determining the key SHEQ objectives and appropriate programme interventions for the mining operations.
  • Training and development of employees in all aspects of SHEQ in order to meet set business objectives and targets is a business imperative.
  • Quality of work is an integral part of our operational activities, as each of our individual projects undertakes stringent quality measures in line with defined parameters.
  • Continual improvement is implemented in the quality of our services as well as our deliverables while operating appropriately within the nature, scale and impact of our contracting activities as well as open and widespread sharing of good practice, learning and solutions that have been implemented.
  • We give recognition to all stakeholders that are integral to our business and we will strive to have mutually beneficial relationships to jointly improve overall project deliverables and performance.

Operational safety is a key area for us:  Implementing hazard management and good mining practices are crucial steps towards ensuring and maintaining operational safety. Our high consequence activities are managed in accordance to our Fatal Risk Control Protocols (FRCPs).

  • Section 21, 22 and 23 of the Mine Health & Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) in South Africa or similar legislation in other countries, is the primary compliance driver in promulgating the prevention of injuries and diseases across our mining operations.
  • We entrench safety as a value for our people, which is never compromised in the pursuit of any objective.
  • We will identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors, service providers and communities.
  • Moolmans will meet and, where appropriate exceed applicable legal and other statutory requirements.
  • We will ensure that all company-owned and contracted vehicles are well maintained, in good running condition, suitable for the purpose and equipped with all safety and emergency equipment/devices.

Environmental ethics: While complying with the relevant national and international environmental legislation as well as other relevant requirements governing our operations, Moolmans will also comply with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) of its clients and will establish EMPs for use on contracts where the client does not have a specific EMP.

  • All environmental requirements will be integrated into the company’s procurement practices.
  • Our waste minimisation practices are in line with global best practices.
  • We strive to use the available energy sources optimally to reduce emissions and promote energy conservation.
  • We endorse practicable biodiversity programmes to encourage our employees and other stakeholders to prevent environmental degradation.
  • We manage our operational activities within set controls or parameters so as to prevent us from polluting the immediate environment.

Social Issues & Business Integrity:  Compliance with our license to operate on sites both locally and internationally is dependent on maintaining the respect and trust of local stakeholders.  Moolmans supports and complies with relevant national and internationally acknowledged human rights and labour standards as we see this as one of the steps on the road to recognition as a company of high ethical standing.

  • We conduct our operations in line with set objectives as agreed among all relevant stakeholders.
  • We involve our immediate communities in our safety, health and environmental awareness programmes.
  • We encourage our employees to educate and demonstrate to their families and immediate communities the desired behaviours in terms of acceptable safety, health and environmental practices.
  • We endeavour to empower the immediate communities in which we operate by offering training and employment to the local people.

The policy statement is reviewed on a regular basis to apply sound SHEQ management practices consistently and comprehensively in all of our activities and at all employee levels within the company.

At Moolmans, we respect people’s cultures and heritage in any location where we operate and no operating condition or urgency of service can ever justify endangering the life of anyone.

Moolmans SHEQ Policy Statement

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